Blush Ranunculus
Blush Ranunculus

A lot of what are considered “Spring” flowers actually begin their premiere in late January, early February.  We are starting to see some of our favorites; Hyacinth, Tulips of all specialty varieties, Frittilarias, Pussy Willows and blooming Forsythia and Quince.

One of our favorite flowers hitting it’s peak right now is Ranunculus.  These long lasting and bursting with beauty and happiness are coming out of California and for the show stoppers, Italy.  Called Clooney’s these are for the true flower aficionado.

Spring Blossom

Blooming Branches are a true favorite of the season, pictured here are local CrabApple blossoms we will see later in April, but right now we are seeing beautiful white and coral quince, yellow forsythia as well as Pussy Willow in single “whips” or the more branchy French Willow.